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Stenabolic also known as SR9009, is best described as an ‘Exercise in a bottle’. Often compared to Cardarine (GW50), Stenabolic will boost your metabolic activity, reduce inflammatory which is beneficial for recovery and drastically increase your muscular endurance. according to an article by “National Medicine,” Stenabolic enhances exercise capacity in mice by increasing mitochondria in skeletal muscle. 

Main Uses –  Fat loss, More Cardiovascular endurance, Faster Recovery time
Volume – 1000mg

Dose(Beginner): Start off with 20mg per day (8 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for 50 days.
Dose(Experienced): 30mg per day (12 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for up to 30 days.

Half-Life – 4 hours
Cycle For – 8 weeks

How & When to Take – Here’s the only downside on this great product, you need to take Stenabolic 3-4 times a day because it has such a short half-life. I suggest for beginners to take 2 scoops throughout the day – every 4 hours.  For experienced users, I suggest taking 3 full scoops, 1 every 4-5 hours.

Benefits of SR9009:
Increased Fat loss
Boost Metabolic Activity
Increase VO2 Max
Faster Recovery
More Toned Look

Stenabolic has had a few positive studies done on it since it was created. One of the most memorable studies was of course done on mice. This is common with SARMs since human research is done at the final stage of development. Anyways, on to the study: Mice injected with SR9009 lost over 60% more fat mass than the placebo. There was no change to diet or exercise amount.

Developers took mice that had low amounts of muscle, low metabolic rate, and had a poor running capacity. Hence, the mice were basically human versions of out of shape couch potatoes. Once given Stenabolic, muscle and metabolic rate increased, even without being allowed to exercise. Then, once these mice were allowed to exercise, they were able to run 50% further without getting winded.

Side Effects:
SR9009 does not act like a fat burner, thyroid accelerator, or appetite suppressant (such as clenbuterol, T3, or certain stimulants). Therefore, you won’t experience a crash or feel tired on it. However, due to the fact that Stenabolic is so new and hasn’t been used very much by human athletes, we are still waiting for more information on what kind of undesired effects it can possibly have.

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  1. Using s4 from red back sarms – for one week. Abs showing, even with imperfect diet. Strength up. Benched 80kg, hack squat 200kg..not bad for 68kg 45yo chick. Minimal cardio, mostly lifting super heavy, 6-15 reps.

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