Recomp Stack+ [ LGD + STENA + MK677 ]

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Recomp + Stack: 2x LGD, 2x STENA & 1x MK677

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  • For extra lean muscle gains while stripping fat.
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If you’re looking at building extra lean muscle mass while greatly reducing body fat then this is the stack for you!

The Recomp+ Stack includes:
2 x LGD-4033 | More info on LGD – Click Here
2 x STENABOLIC | More info on SR9009 –Click Here
1 x MK677 | More info on MK677 – Click Here

How do these Sarms work together?
Taking LGD (Ligandrol) you are guaranteed on some solid lean muscle gains. It will drastically increase protein synthesis, glycogen storage, and blood flow. You will experience bigger pumps, longer workout and a faster recovery time.

SR9009 (Stenabolic) has been gaining a lot of popularity for good reasons. It enhances your exercise capability by increasing the mitochondria in your skeletal muscle. This is why it has been marketed and hyped around the internet as the “exercise in a bottle.”

MK677 (Nutrobal) will cause a rise in IGF-1 and growth hormone even in a diet-induced nitrogen wasting state, which means it’s almost impossible not to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat on MK677.  It will also aid in such things as endurance, mood, sleep, and general health. Hence, MK677 gives the athletes all the benefits of growth hormone and IGF-1 increase without the high financial cost and side effects of the HGH.


What do I expect to see from this Stack?
Amazing lean muscle gains while losing a substational amount of unwanted body fat. Better overall well being, aid in general health, deeper and improved sleep. Bone and joint strengthening, improved endurance and muscle wasting prevention.

Each Container contains 1000mg of Sarms. Total of 2 x LGD: 2000mg | 2 x SR9009: 2000mg | 1 x MK677: 1000mg

All Redback SARMs are 99% pure raw powders with no fillers added to them.

Cycle for:
12 weeks.

Beginners: 10mg a day (1 levelled off micro scoop). With 2 x Containers of LGD, you will have 200 doses
Experienced: 20mg a day (2 levelled off micro scoop). With 2 x Containers of LGD, you will have 100 doses

SR9009 :
Dose(Beginner): Start off with 20mg per day (8 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for 100 days.
Dose(Experienced): 30mg per day (12 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for up to 66 days.

MK677 :
Dose(Beginner): Start off with 10mg per day (5 levelled off micro scoops = 10mg) – This will last for 100 days.
Dose(Experienced): 20-25mg per day (10-13 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for 50 days.

How and When to Take:
LGD: I usually take LGD before working out, that way I can mix the powder with my pre-workout. It doesn’t necessarily matter what time of the day you take LGD, just try to make sure you take it every day around the same time. It can be mixed with any liquid (eg water, juice) when taking so its completely up to you. If your taking 2 scoops of LGD – take them both at the same time.

SR9009 (Stenabolic): Here’s the only downside on this great product, you need to take Stenabolic 3-4 times a day because it has such a short half-life. I suggest for beginners to take 2 scoops throughout the day – every 4 hours.  For experienced users, I suggest taking 3 full scoops, 1 every 4-5 hours.

MK677: Take it right before bed for maximum effects and dreaming benefits. Mix it with your liquid of choice. MK677 has a strong taste so I would have it with a juice (you will regret having it with water)

MK677 Storage- Minimize open air exposure and store in a cool dry place. Each purchase will have a Silica Gel in the container. MK677 is hygroscopic meaning it will absorb moisture in the air which leads to the SARM forming into rocks then turning yellow and gooey (the good news is it doesn’t affect the potency and can still be used, the bad news is it will make it hard and annoying to dose). Keep the Silica Gel inside the container to keep this from happening.

Post Cycle Treatment(PCT) should be done after cycling LGD for 12 weeks. From week 13 to 16 (4 weeks) I suggest taking Clomid just to keep safe from the suppressive sides.
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Dosage for Clomid per week should look like this:
Week 13 – 50mg per day
Week 14 – 25mg per day
Week 15 – 25mg per day
Week 16 – 25mg per day

Or if you cant get your hands on Clomid try a great natural test booster like Test Stack Rx:

Each purchase comes with a 10mg micro scoop and a dosage instruction card.

These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. All products are strictly for research purposes only.

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