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Shred Stack: 2x STENABOLIC & 2x S4

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If you’re serious about losing body fat whilst maintaining or adding lean muscle mass then this is the stack your looking for!

This Cut Stack includes:
2 x STENABOLIC | More info on SR9009 – Click Here

2 x S4 | More info on S4 – Click Here

How do these two Sarms work together?
SR9009 (Stenabolic) has been gaining a lot of popularity for good reasons. It enhances your exercise capability by increasing the mitochondria in your skeletal muscle. This is why it has been marketed and hyped around the internet as the “exercise in a bottle.”

Stenabolic binds to a protein called Rev-erbA. This protein influences fat and sugar burning in the liver, production of fat cells and the body’s inflammatory responses. As a result, this interaction between SR9009 and Rev-erbA allows you to make your current exercise regiment much more effective. In fact, even sitting on your butt all day will not hinder your objectives. All in all, the ultimate goal is to burn off for energy from what you eat, instead of getting it stored as fat, which SR does great. Furthermore, it will attack the existing fat and burn it off.

S4 will increase your strength and build lean muscle mass without creating water weight, drying out the joints, stressing the liver, or causing severe suppression. Andarine appears to be an excellent compound for maximizing fat loss while preserving or slightly increasing muscle mass.

What do I expect to see from this stack?
Improve your endurance, increase your VO2 max, boost your metabolic activity,  have a more toned and vascular look, added strength and to melt fat

Each Container contains 1000mg of Sarms. Total of 2 x SR9009: 2000mg | 2 x S4: 2000mg

All Redback SARMs are 99% pure raw powders with no fillers added to them.

Cycle for:
12 weeks.

SR9009 :
Dose(Beginner): Start off with 20mg per day (8 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for up to 100 days.
Dose(Experienced): 30mg per day (12 levelled off micro scoops) – This will last for up to 66 days.

S4 :
Dose (Beginner) – 40mg per day (4 levelled off micro scoops) 5 days on, 2 days off. This will last for 50 days
Dose (Experienced) – 80mg per day (8 levelled off micro scoops) 5 days on, 2 days off. This will last for up to 24 days.


How and When to Take:
SR9009 (Stenabolic): Here’s the only downside on this great product, you need to take Stenabolic 3-4 times a day because it has such a short half-life. I suggest for beginners to take 2 scoops throughout the day – every 4 hours.  For experienced users, I suggest taking 3 full scoops, 1 every 4-5 hours.

S4: Andarine is recommended at doses of 20-60mg a day and has even been tolerated at 100mg, although it is highly recommended to start low and gradually increase dosage to keeps side effects minimal. It has a half-life of 6 hours, so I recommend you dose Andarine (s4) at least twice a day (1 scoop in the morning and another in the afternoon for 20mg dosage). The optimum length of Andarine cycles are said to be up to 8 weeks long and is not hepatotoxic, so unlike oral steroids and comparable drugs, longer cycles do not cause danger to the liver.

Mini PCT:
A mini Post Cycle Treatment(PCT) should be done after cycling S4 for 12 weeks. From week 13 to 15 (3 weeks) I suggest taking a natural test booster.

One that I recommend is the Test Stack Rx:


Each purchase comes with a 10mg micro scoop and a dosage instruction card.

These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. All products are strictly for research purposes only.

1 review for Cut Stack [ STENA + S4 ]

  1. 5 out of 5

    James Wilson (verified owner)

    Redback is the real deal. Initially I was a touch sceptical about powder, my expectations have been blown away! I’ve tried the ‘Cutting’ stack (S4 and Stenabolic) and already noticing a huge shift in energy and endurance five days in. First cardio session back, my goal was one hour of steady state. Try three hours later! I simply didn’t feel exhausted. Remarkable combination, and the powder combination hits you pretty quickly. Have tried a few other brands, and this is easily the highest standard I have found. Excellent customer service, the delivery was on point.

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