Sarms vs Steroids

Redback Sarms vs Steroids

When it comes to working out, nothing can be more frustrating than hitting a plateau and feeling stuck on the same weights for weeks. Or even looking at yourself in the mirror and notice little to no change.

A plateau when working out means when your progress in weight loss or weight gain comes to a halt. Plateaus are the results of your body adjusting to stress and change.

When this happens, we tend to look for new solutions to bust through this annoying phase. Increasing the intensity of your workout, a new workout routine, a new diet or taking new supplements are ways of trying to surpass the dreaded plateau.

Then its the next level, Steroids. The problem with steroids is the many risks involved when taking them. There are many side effects involved when taking steroids:

– Gynecomastia (male breast development)
– Hair loss (thins hair, baldness)
– Acne
– High Blood Pressure
– Liver Toxicity
– Testosterone production shutdown (loss of libido)

That’s just a small list of side effects, there are more! Another problem with steroids is having to use needles, this turns a lot of people off especially if you have a fear of needles. On top of that, the heavy knowledge needed when using, taking steroids is no joke and can seriously do more harm then good permanently if taken wrong. In Australia, steroids are found to be expensive and highly illegal also.

The Better Alternative

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, commonly known as SARMs – the steroid alternative. What can SARMs do?

– Increase lean muscle growth
– Increase fat loss
– Prevent muscle loss during cutting/weight loss
– Improve your strength
– Speed up injury recovery
– Heal joints/tendons
– Increase Vascularity
– Increase Endurance

SARMs offer very similar benefits of anabolic steroid use while minimizing the undesirable side effects. When you compare the two, it’s pretty obvious that SARMs are the safer and better option to maximizing your results. So why take SARMs instead of Steroids?

– SARMs are all orally taken (no needles)
– They are cheaper then steroids
– Similar effects to testosterone (muscle/strength gains, fat loss)
– No liver toxicity
– No conversion to Estrogen
– They are legal
– Does not get detected in drug tests (unless you compete in bodybuilding)

Each SARM has their shine and I suggest you read up on each and decide which is best for you, can’t decide which one to get? Don’t be afraid to stack them! They all go hand in hand with each other very well. A popular combination is taking LGD with GW50 getting the lean muscle mass and strength gains along with a great fat burner.

Available SARMs at Redback Sarms:

LGD – the great all-rounder INFO | SHOP
GW50 – the fat melter INFO | NO LONGER AVAILABLE
S4 – the muscle hardener INFO | SHOP
Ostarine – the healer INFO | SHOP
YK11 – the muscle creator INFO | SHOP
MK677 – the muscle builder INFO | SHOP
RAD140 – the test replacer INFO | SHOP
SR9009 – the fat burner INFO | SHOP
S23 – the strongest sarm INFO | SHOP

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